Single Automatic Watch Winder

single automatic watch winder

    automatic watch
  • A watch whose mainspring is wound by the movements or accelerations of the wearer's arm. On the basis of the principle of terrestrial attraction, a rotor turns and transmits its energy to the spring by means of an appropriate mechanism.

  • An automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch, whose mainspring is wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer's arm, providing energy to run the watch, to make it unnecessary to manually wind the watch. Most mechanical watches sold today are self-winding.

  • (Automatic Watches) These watches are self winding mechanical watches.  They have a rotor that includes a weight, which swings backwards and forwards with every movement of the wrist and winds the mainspring.

  • People who are unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship

  • a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base

  • A short record with one song on each side

  • An individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group

  • individual: being or characteristic of a single thing or person; "individual drops of rain"; "please mark the individual pages"; "they went their individual ways"

  • hit a single; "the batter singled to left field"

  • a worker who winds (e.g., a winch or clock or other mechanism)

  • mechanical device around which something can be wound

  • A device or mechanism used to wind something, esp. something such as a watch or clock or the film in a camera

  • mechanical device used to wind another device that is driven by a spring (as a clock)

Aluminum winder - travel mode

Aluminum winder - travel mode

I found this aluminum winder on a HAM radio flea market a couple of weeks ago. Bought it for €15, but the antenna copper litze that came with it was also worth that amount. I removed all that, took the winder apart and painted it black.

Winder depot

Winder depot

Winder's an interesting town. A good bit of it seems to be a throwback to an earlier era with its busy downtown and active railroad area.

single automatic watch winder

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